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 UFS Multiplayer Rules

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Traduction à venir....

This format is designed as a multiplayer version of UFS and can be played by 3-8 players.


1. Players sit in a circle or connected tables so that they have a player on both there right and left.
2. Players roll to see who goes first.

• The first player starts with their character card committed.
• The second player starts as normal.
• The 3rd -5th players start with one committed foundation*
• 6th- 8th players start with 2 committed foundations*

(* These players discard cards off the top of their deck until they find a foundation and put it into play committed, then reshuffle)


To be the last standing fighter!


The normal sequence of play is used with the following exceptions:

1. Players randomly determine who goes first to see who goes first.
2. Play proceeds clockwise around the table.
3. Players may only attack their targeted player.
4. Players start with the player on their left as their target.
5. Players may switch their target at any time during their turn by committing their character card OR spending 1 momentum
6. Players may block any attack directed at them.
7. Players may block any attack directed at their target if their target chooses not to block or fails to block
8. If you knock out your target you gain momentum equal to your targets current momentum plus 1 (take cards from the top of your discard pile as momentum)

To aid in remembering your targets is it recommended that each player has a token of some type that represents who they are targeting.


*~ The True Shinryuken Master ~*
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UFS Multiplayer Rules
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